Traffic Law

Lawyer specializing in traffic law attorney, Dr. Oktay Çağlar

Traffic Law includes questions to traffic accident law, traffic civil law, traffic administrative law and traffic infractions and offenses law.

a) Right to engage a lawyer

For an effective insurance loss winding-up every aggrieved party has the right to engage a lawyer of his adoption. As a general rule, the liability insurance of the damage causer has to bear the damage and has to pay in full the necessary costs for legal procedure on the side of the aggrieved party. If a sharing of liability is the result so the costs for the lawyers will be paid by the insurance of the counterparty according to the rate of liability. If the client has a legal cost insurance so the insurance pays all proceeding and process costs.

b) Traffic Accident Law / Traffic Civil Law

  • Enforcement of claims for damage / Compensation / Repair costs / Costs for rental car / Compensation for failure of usage / Costs for treatment / Loss of earnings / Costs for authorized expert
  • Defense against unjustifiable claims for damage
  • Driving ban or elimination of driver’s license
  • Defense against reproach of infractions and offenses

c) Traffic Administrative Law

  • Driver´s license law
  • Elimination of a driver?s license / Reissue of a driver’s license
  • Necessity of a medic-psychological exploration (MPU)

d) Traffic Infractions / Traffic Offenses

1. Driving without driver´s license
2. Drinking and driving
3. Speeding / Overrun of travel time
4. Red light offense / Inactive traffic offense
5. Getaway from accident
6. Negligent injury / Involuntary manslaughter
7. Other infractions or traffic offenses

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