Family Law

Lawyers specializing in family law attorney and lawyer Dr. Oktay Çağlar and Jutta Wenzel

Family Law in the legal sense of the German Civil Code is the embodiment of the regulations which generally rules the relationship based on marriage and relationships of persons who are affiliated with each other. Family Law especially rules the questions to

  • Divorce Law / divorce – foreign country / costs of divorce / divorce proceedings
  • Adjustment of accrued gain / statutory pensions equalisation / allocation of household goods
  • Marriage contract / marital property law / law of non marital life partnership
  • Custody and right of access for children
  • Alimony / child maintenance / apprenticeship alimentation for children
  • Table of Dusseldorf
  • Using of marital house after separation
  • Naming right (Family and child’s name)
  • Other questions of family law

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