Criminal Law

The criminal defense includes the substantive Crime Law, criminal proceedings and penal system law.

Criminal Justice Building, Hamburg
D.O.C. Law Firm offers the following services:

a) Crime Law

(1) General Crime Law
(2) Crime Law for children and young persons
(3) Crime Law of Narcotics
(4) Murder and manslaughter
(5) Traffic Crime Law (and fines)
(6) Commercial Criminal Law
(7) Environment Criminal Law

b) Criminal Proceedings

(1) Public defender
(2) Rights of the defendant
(3) Criminal proceedings / run of the criminal proceeding
(4) Inspection of files
(5) Right af appeal
(6) Right of review
(7) Right of the joint plaintiff (Protection of the interests of victims)
(8) Retrial
(9) Giving witnesses assistance
(10) Suspend of an arrest warrant / cancellation of previous conviction

c) Penal System Law

(1) Rights of the convict
(2) Penal enforcement proceedings
(3) Penal institution / jailhouse visitation

d) Additional Services

(1) Immediate visitation in cases of arrest, render of an arrest warrant and house searchn
(2) Accompany to the police or avoid to go to the police

Since it is a phone for emergency, we ask them to use only as such.